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So, how did I go from being a social worker for urban young adults to becoming a Health Coach, Ayurveda Specialist, Food Witch, and Gunas Goddess? And what the heck does any of this mean?

Finding my best way to live

Being a social worker, or any type of care provider, is so rewarding but the demands of the work can take its toll - both mentally and physically. During my 15 year career I struggled with many symptoms and diseases of chronic stress including IBS, insomnia, anxiety and weight gain (especially my belly). I wasn’t ready to give up the career I so loved, but had to believe there was a better way to live - to find balance somehow. So, over 12 years I rigorously explored, studied and practiced wellness modalities in search of balance, happiness, health and ease - and guess what? I did indeed find a better way!

Discovering the mind-body connection

Through years of mindfulness training and ancient Ayurveda I learned how to listen to my body and support the needs of my soul. But most importantly how to use food as medicine. The piece that was still missing had to do with femininity, and the divine meaning and unique challenges women face in today’s world. Whether we bear children or not, we are the ultimate care takers for humankind. When I found Feminine Form Ayurveda (Aye-your-vay-dah) I knew I had found a home for my passion.

Ayurveda (Aye-your-vay-dah?)

That’s right. It’s sanskrit. In short, Ayurveda is an ancient wellness practice and a bit similar to several mainstream approaches to health. Rather than being limited to strict food-based KETO, Paleo, SIBO, Weight Watchers, or FODMAP diets, Ayurveda approaches health and clean eating from a doshic point of view. Meaning, it provides a unique and customized care plan for the individual. You can explore how to significantly lower stress, sleep better, balance blood sugar and cravings, ease bloat and maintain healthy weight. Feminine Form Ayurveda also addresses our unique biological, sexual, and emotional needs as women.

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