Hi! I’m Sara, a Health Coach and Ayurveda Specialist

I help women restore energy and remedy chronic stress, bloating and excess weight…

…using food and love as medicine

Join one of my detox for beginner programs or explore how to work one-on-one with me and discover
Feminine Form Ayurveda.

You are a machine: always needed, always on, always there
for everyone else. While your own superpowers are drained.

On the inside you are fumes, stretched to breaking, and desperate for some self-love and alone time…
…and it’s left you feeling exhausted, bloated, irritable, sleepless, foggy and heavy.
It’s no good! It’s not sustainable and more than ever, we need strong women - stronger than ever.



Working with me you’ll learn a whole lot about food as medicine and why fad diets will deplete your natural energy. You’ll also learn how to manage stress in and out of the kitchen, and when stress is managed a whole lotta good happens to your bod.

I am Sara. A mom. A health coach and…here to help!

I am a lifelong eczema and food allergy sufferer. IBS, IVF and divorce survivor. A wine drinker fueled by Dunkins. Decades of this led me to chronic stress, major belly issues, brain fog, weight gain and depression. I knew there had to be some relief from the yo-yo of highs and lows I had lived hour to hour for most of my 30s. For the past 15 years I’ve studied and immersed myself in seeking what makes me well. Turns out balancing stress and eating clean foods are the secrets to being well. I’d love to share what has helped me and so many others!

So what is Ayurveda?

I define Ayurveda (Aye-your-vay-da) like this: knowing how to live the best life.
Ayurveda blends science and medicine together with philosophy and spirituality to maintain the quality and longevity of life. It holds us, and our own awareness, responsible for good health. It is the oldest health care system known to humankind - 5,000 years old - and while it is grounded in real science, in mother nature, it is also vast in its mystical workings. And it’s making a major comeback in the west as disease prevention becomes more desirable as we live longer.

Feminine Form Ayurveda, is when we are disease-free and both at ease in our body and established in our soul while being in balance with mama earth and our inner goddess who is whole, powerful and sexy. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? It is!

So Why Ayurveda?

While getting my master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University, I learned about the devastating effects of high fructose corn syrup on American health in a social welfare policy class. It blew my mind to discover how unethical and how polluted our food supply had become and its direct impact on American health, and especially on children and vulnerable populations. And I was curious why people weren’t outraged. Why we weren’t talking about this? And why didn’t my doctor warn me about HFC in my bread, yogurt, cereal even ketchup! I wanted to learn more. Public Health seemed a likely route, but didn’t feel authentic to me - tied up in policy and red tape, like our medical system in the United States. When I began to study health behavior change through the Duke School of Integrative Medicine I learned about “The Wheel of Health” and the many facets that impact our wellbeing. It was there I learned that stress management is the key to weight loss and pretty much everything else, including gut health, sound sleep and fertility. I learned about the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and that’s where I first heard of Ayurveda, and something lit up inside of me! I found the Shakti School of Ayurveda and the rest is ghee-story.

Ayurveda holds answers.

Early in my quest for equilibrium, I sought answers the traditional way a middle-class, white, Irish American would - through mainstream doctors. I saw allergists, primary care doctors, even had an upper GI with a gastro doctor. My blood work always looked normal, and while scratch tests revealed sensitivities to food and my GI results showed ulceric erosions in my stomach lining, I was given no guidance about food and its role in healing. Why was I moody and irritable? Why did I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep when I felt tired all day long? Why would I get light headed and jittery between meals? Why did I always have major issues with gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation?

Typically, we do not receive foundational training in the science of food or its impact on happiness and as it turns out, neither do traditional mainstream doctors. It is not intuitive which nutrients affect hormones and brain function. Toxins are not discussed and I had never heard of a microbiome which is our 2nd brain! I never knew how my DNA dictates how I should nourish myself. Why what my parents ate, or how I was birthed or my first foods would set the course of my gut health. I certainly never considered the origins of my food, the life force within fresh food, or how the soil and animals are treated and affects what winds up on our plates, and inside our cells. And definitely never considered how my eating environment - on the go, in the car, standing up, while scrolling, at my desk or while in a bad mood will have a major impact on my digestive function! Until I came upon the wild world of WELLNESS. Ayurvedic Medicine addresses all of these factors in a scientific, holistic system of theory and practice. It’s sooo much better.

Want free guides to stress management, meal planning, kitchen hacks, and healing recipes?

My work is to create a community of midlife women who expend too much energy giving - to family, to jobs struggling to find grace, ease, balance and have stopped caring for themselves as priority #1. Sharing the secrets of a stress-less life and how to stress less in the kitchen.
Getting our power back means the world will be a better place. So, essentially, I want you to join my tribe to save the world. No big deal.

So let’s connect and remedy this nonsense!

How can I help?

Email me at sara@anakedgoddess.com

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